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Indirect Tax

Our company provides comprehensive advisory services in the field of direct and indirect taxes, both corporate as well as individuals. In order to maintain a high standard of service is indirect tax consultancy focused on selected areas of indirect tax law, in which our tax advisors and consultants have acquired during their practice relevant expertise and experience and is profiled by the recognized experts. In addition to ad hoc tax advice on any taxation focused on the immediate needs of clients, including the hot-line support and processing of all types of tax returns and assistance with the preparation of our firm focuses on the following areas:

  • Analysis of planned transactions in order to optimize the impact of the VAT, respectively while preventing the negative consequences.
  • Audit internal systems focused on methodological and substantive testing procedures used by clients in the preparation of tax returns and tax calculation, including the submission of proposals for optimization
  • Tax records and preparation of VAT returns and summary reports
  • A comprehensive representation of foreign entities in meeting obligations associated with their business activities in the Czech Republic
  • Representing clients in VAT refunds in other member states
  • Comprehensive preparation and processing of tax returns for individual tax
  • Revision of tax returns prepared by the client
  • Analysis and evaluation of future risks identified during the preparation or review of tax returns
  • Tax records
With the technical knowledge and excellent commands over the indirect taxes consultancy services here with company-registration you will find the best of indirect taxes services at best rates. Here; our expert will explore the best ways in respect of how best one can accompany with each and every segment of indirect taxes to any form of corporate or individual. Call at +91-8800-100-284 or mail at to avail the best services in indirect tax consultancy.