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Business Registration Services

Business is an activity that involves exchanging of goods and services under an agreed manner. Majorly the process of business has been carried out to earn profit in the form of monetary value. Business can only be processed in the form of firm or enterprise that may be owned by one person or group of people. Thus, business is also known by company that needs to be listed under company registration act. There are different forms of businesses including one person company, limited liability company, sole proprietorship, private business and many more comprised of different rules and regulations for registration as per the nature and scope of the same.

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  • Private Business Registration
    Under private business registration; there are some legalities including need of at-least 2 members and 2 directors and require 1,00,000 of capital before applying for private business registration. Here, the shares are not allowed to offer to open public and lots more are there; to know more just
  • Partnership Business Registration
    Partnership business is one of the oldest forms of business in India that have been followed by maximum section of corporate sector where they is a need to have two or more partners to start a business and for partner business registration; the act of Indian Partnership Act, 1932 has been followed. To know more about partnership business deed and incorporation just
  • Limited Liability Business Registration
    If we consider highly favorable and universal acceptance form of business then limited liability business is on the top of the list where it needs to register as per LLP act 2008 in India. Under this form of business; the liability of each partner is limited where there is no restriction over the value of capital and profit or loss has been divided as per the LLP agreement. To know more just
  • One Person Business Registration
    If we talk about latest form of business in India then; one person business is a business which has got recognition and has passed in Lok Sabha in 2012 and one person business registration will take place in accordance of New companies Act,2013. OPC is a form of private business that needs 1,00,000 of share capital. To know more just
  • Intellectual Property Right Services
    Intellectual property right comprised of four segments including trademark, patent, copyright and industrial design. If you want to register you logo, business name or any of the trade symbol as trademark then you can contact to our legal team. Similarly; we serve you while saving your innovative and creative artistic work under patent and copyright registration. To avail the best services in IPR just
Thus, do on explore with us where you will find innumerable business law services of varied types being offered by top rates and highly skilled corporate attorneys and business solicitors.