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Company Law in India

Company law is the bill that has been passed by the government in order to control and maintain the trisections of corporate sector. Here in India; the company law has been maintained and controlled under the New Companies Act 2013 whereas the same has been administered under the Ministry Of Corporate Affairs. There are prescribed rules and regulations that every form of corporate needs to be followed in order to apply for the certification of company incorporation and certificate of commencement of business. It is necessary for every business to move in accordance of company law in India in order to achieve corporate goals. Thus here below we bring you with detail description about corporate law services in respect of LLP, partnership firm, private firm or public corporate.

Company / Corporate Law Services

For different form of corporate there are different procedures to be complied with as mentioned below:

Private Ltd Company
For private limited company it is necessary to have at-least 2 members and 2 directors with maximum of 200 members. Minimum capital needed is 1,00,000 to apply for private limited company registration. To know more just :

Public Limited Company
For public limited company it will be easy to raise the capital while issuing shares to the public and easy to share work load under centralized system. To know more for registration and legal rules

Section 8 Company Registration
Section 8 Company is a form of corporate that works to enhance the special sector of the economy like commerce, arts, religion and science where surplus of the company is used for charity purposes. To more information regarding registration and other concepts

Partnership Firm Registration
Indian Partnership act 1932 is the main authority to handle the concept of registration of partnership firm in India. Two or more partners can run same business on an agreed manner. For registration and more detail information just

Limited Liability Partnership Firm
It is one of the successful and highly demanded forms of corporate where the partners have limited liability in respect of their investment ratio. No limits over share capital that makes easy to go with LLP company. For LLP registration just

One Person Company
It is one of the latest forms of corporate introduced in New Companies Act, 2013 where one person can register his or her company. Share capital needed for OPC is 1,00,000 where for registration

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