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Trademark Registration

With the advent of technology and rise in competition in the business market have buzz over the risk of infringement where these trademark acts and legal rules have played a vital role in come overt with these maltreat issues. In this age of digital under the virtual and immaterial emerges the need of certain references while applying over the brand. For the same here we bring you with trademark registration that protects your business mark with the help of which you can also promote your products and services across the globe.

There are certain advantages and benefits of trademark registration as listed below:
  • Benefit Of Commercial Nature : There are various products that have been used in daily life like milk, butter, shoes, garments and many more where customers have their own favorable brands and they only choose that particular brand despite of huge list of several other brands. Thus, authentic and reputed trademarks have always reaped the full benefits of commercial nature.
  • Benefits Of Historical : With the help of brand awareness like through the mean of radio, television, internet market and many more user can easily find their brand from the respective retailers. Customers can easily find the desire products by the way of past history, reputation and goodwill of the company. Thus, companies with registered products and services have always gained the benefit of historical.
  • Benefits Of An Economic : There are many brands that are hiding in them several hidden values like prestige, success, finest technology, luxury, antique, unique design and many more; With the help of this legal process of trademark registration would help in protecting these hidden qualities and values of prominent brands of the society.

Trademark Registration Process and Services

Under the trademark registration process there are certain points that need to adhere with while submitting an application to the concern authority.
  1. First, get select a type of trademark that may be as text, image, sound, numerical, graphical sketch or many more.
  2. Conduct a trademark search to check the originality of proposed trademark.
  3. Then get file an application for trademark registration as per trademark act 1999.
  4. Do submit all the required legal documents and fees of TM registration.
  5. Finally, apply for certification trademark registration.
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