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Company Registration in India for South Koreans

Our full-service law firm of Delhi is now globally famous in connection with FDI in India into various booming economic sectors, along with our other legal services. Hence, for brisk and best company registration in India for south Korean investors also, our adept lawyers can deliver the whole range of advisory and legal services for making secure and profitable FDI in India in any desired economic sectors.

Today, India is one among the best and top five destinations in the whole world, owing to the following strong and striking points:
  • India gives home to about 17.5% world population
  • Fast-paced Indian economy with an annual growth rate of 8%
  • Cheap availability of qualified professionals, skilled labor, and raw materials in India
  • Well-developed Indian marine trades
  • Liberal FDI policies of India
  • An unusually large number of sectors being open to FDI in India

Foreign Company Formation in India by Korean Investors

To support foreign company formation in India by Korean investors, and subsequent business development of the newly formed company, our well-seasoned and veteran lawyers perform the following wide range of services:
  • Selection of the most suitable type of entry structure
  • Selection of the most promising and profitable economic sector, and the location of business activities
  • Getting the certificate for starting business, besides the Certificate of Incorporation (COI) of the selected entry structure.
  • Compliance with the FDI policies of Union and State Governments, and also with the rules and regulations of RBI, SEBI, FEMA, etc.
  • Expert support for preparation of the following documents --- Digital Signature Certificate (DSC); Director Identification Number (DIN); Memorandum of Association (MOA); Articles of Association (AOA); Permanent Account Number (PAN); Tax Deduction Application Number (TAN); Bank A/C; etc.
  • Obtaining necessary Licenses for conduction of business in India
  • All legal services related with doing smooth and thriving business in India

Hence, along with the complete gamut of legal advice and services for company registration in India for Japanese people, our adept lawyers are also fully capable of providing them all necessary services for making the newly setup business smooth, safe, and thriving, anywhere in entire India.

To avail our top-notch, efficient, and economical services for offshore company setup in india, all interested investors of South Korea may readily contact us over: Mobile: +91-8800-100-284 or just shoot an email to: .