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Site Office

For business promotional and representation of the business to the foreign countries site office is known for. Most of the top notch brands from all across the world set up their site office in India in order to get introduced their business in the Indian market. Site office in India can only be opened by the permission of Reserve of India. All the expenses of site office in its running segments are charged from its head office where it also enjoys any of the rewards as per the rules and regulations permitted by Reserve Bank of India.

Below are the activities allowed to site office.
  • Import or export of good from to head office destinations.
  • Offering consultancy services about the products and services in order to grab the potential market.
  • Can also operate research and development work.
  • Can also take part in collaboration segment between Indian companies and parent corporate houses.
  • Can also take part in buying or selling of products and services while acting as a parent company In India.
  • Can also take part in information technology services and also offer technical support to the parent company in outside country.

In this high competitive market where there is not easy to get chance in huge business investment these types of opportunities from site office offers easy way of exploring market before investing with huge amount. It is not mandatory for the company to get indulged with exact business scenario but site office gives a parent company to first explore the mass and then participated in business investment. There are selective guidelines and boundaries prescribed by legal authorities under which every form of site office needs to run its operational activities. Thus, if you are interested in opening your site office in India and want to register in order to run legal business over here; then get connected with us where our legal attorneys and solicitors will bring you with best of site office registration in India.

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