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Taxation Services

Tax matters in connection with business activities in the considerations companies and individuals ranked highest positions. This area is still under development at the local and global level. The laws on income tax rules and regulations are often transcribed and case law and binding rules are still evolving, an ongoing challenges and opportunities. Our tax services department, which has proficient and certified attorneys and professionals have earned a very good reputation for providing taxation services that meet clients' needs and apply legislative changes and regulations on them and helps in everyday tax issues.

These taxation services are focused on advising you specified range of taxes or in the identified risk areas offered by the certified team of tax adviser. The result of this service is to identify risk factors and draft recommendations to minimize the regulations in force in the letter to the leadership of the taxpayer. This service is not tax entity representation and processing of tax returns.

Corporate Taxation Services

In providing corporate taxation services; the tax advisors are analyzed and subsequently tested and examining risk operations and accounting and tax system of the client in order to assess the correct and optimal preparation of tax returns and financial statements. The processing tax returns are used all the legal ways to reduce the tax burden. Any identified significant deficiencies in the systems are set out in a letter to the leadership of the taxpayer stating the risks and recommendations to minimize them.

Within this service is according to the contract with the client consists tax return based on the information provided. The assumption is analytical breakdown of cost and revenue accounts in accordance with tax criteria. The accuracy of accounting data is not verified. The output is a completed tax return. In this case, we are responsible only for the correctness prepare tax returns, not the information you provide. In the event that prepare tax returns is part of a comprehensive tax advisory services start from already verified data and the return signing. Under corporate taxation services we assist the company in its short and long-term compensation plan and other financial matters like taxation of employee shares and many more.

We help your business in making maximum saving with utmost level of profit. Our primary goal is to set and build a well conducted tax structure for the respective company. If are facing any of the taxation problem then simply call at or mail at to our corporate taxation attorneys and solicitors who will offer you with the best services.

Our taxation services are mentioned below :
  • VAT
  • Tax Policy
  • Transfer prices
  • Tax registration
  • Tax consultation
  • Corporate income tax
  • Employee stock plans
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Income tax on individuals
  • Management of staff costs
  • Tax efficiency of the staff
  • Preparation of corporate tax returns
  • Representing clients in tax proceedings